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First Grade

Addition: Encyclopedia: Reading and Grammar:
AAA Math Worldbook Online (ask your child's Academic Skill Builder Grammar
Academic Skill Builder Math teacher for username and password) Book Adventure
Adding Bricks - Simple Addition   Clifford
Fact Families - Addition and Subtraction   Clifford Sound Match
Flight for Fuel - Addition Math Videos: Dositey
Funbrain - First Grade Math Videos - Math Playground  Dr. Seuss
Hidden Fish Pictures - Addition   HM Education Place
Hidden Picture Addition   I'm Reading!
Ladybug Addition Place Value: Learn to Read
Math Baseball Dinosaur Place Value Scholastic Kids
Math Magician - Addition Finding Place Value Online Storytellers - BookPALS
Math Magician - Subtraction Lifeguards PBS Kids
Paint Brush Math Shark Numbers Playhouse Disney
Save the Apples! - Additions to 20 Sharks 2 Barnyard Matchup
Seashell Search - Simple Addition Tens and Ones Practice Build Your Own Animals
Sub Challenge - Adding 10   Crunch, Nibble, Gulp
Test the Toad   Make Your Own Tidepool
Tic-Tac-Toe Math Shapes: Where's the Animal 1
UFO Mystery Picture - Addition to 20 A Story of Shapes Where's the Animal 2
  I Spy Shapes  
  Learning Shapes and Colors  
  Color the Shapes  
Counting Practice: Shape Jammer General:
Count by 5's Shapes - Load the Truck ABCya
Count by 10's Shape Sorter Bear Country Pairs Match Game
Connect the Dots - 1 to 50 or 2 - 100 Shape Train Ben's Guide to the Government
Connect the Dots - Counting by 2's - Bear   Bob the Builder
Connect the Dots - Counting by 2's - Pig   Build a Neighborhood (Farm)
Count to 100   Coloring
Counting by 2's - Even Number Fish Subtraction: Crazy for Cows
Counting Objects - Making Graphs Bowling Subtraction Dairy Council of California - Kid Games
Counting Using Ten Frames Busy Bees - Subtraction Dairy Council - The Dairy Farm Video
Fairies:  2's  3's  5's  10's Day at the Beach - Simple Subtraction Enchanted Learning
How Much Money Is This? - Dimes Fun with Fireflies - Simple Subtraction Funschool
Number Squares Math Magician - Subtraction Game Goo
Numberline Express Paint Brush Math Grover Around the World
Online Skip Counting - You Choose the Number Shootout - Take Away 10's Google Maps
Spooky - Count Up By:     1's  2's  5's  10's Soccer Subtraction HM Education Place
Spooky - Count Back By:  1's  2's  10's Take It Away Johnny Appleseed Activities
  Target Take Away Kids Around the World
Patterns: Too High or Too Low? Kids Around the World - Factmonster
Pattern #1 - What Shape Comes Next?   Let's Talk About Insects
Complete the Pattern Measuring: Little Animals Activity
  Measuring Lizard Point Fun Page
Fractions:  Measuring Length Phil Tulga Website
Bowling for Fractions   Picture Match
Cross the River Fractions   Read, Write, Think
Pizza Party Fractions Money: Word Families
  Buy It Money Game  
Greater Than and Less Than: Change Maker (counting back change) Telling Time:
Dive for Treasure - Greater Numbers Counting Coins Stop the Clock - Hour and 1/2 Hour
Greater Than and Less Than - 1 digits Counting Money Telling Time
Greater Than and Less Than - 2 digits Counting Money - Holidays Telling Time With Dragon
Greater Than and Less Than - 3 digits How Much Money Is This? - Dimes What Time is It?
Penny Prize - Greater and Less Money Practice With Coins Willy the Watchdog
Harcourt Math - First Grade List Spending Spree Time Teller (a little harder)